The Cat Report – Episode 12

In Djuma, Brent catches up with Princess Tlalamba alone on a termite mound waiting for the Queen to return with her breakfast. Little Tlalamba is spending more and more time alone and but Thandi is never far away to ensure her offspring makes it to adulthood despite her adolescent attitude of defiance.

Meanwhile, the royal leopard kill-sharing saga reaches a zenith as HosanaTingana and Thandi are all implicated in tugging from different directions for their share of the meal war with the ever-present hyenas in the mix as usual too… as well as a newcomer!

The North Clan den is a hive of activity as the two awkward little black Wafflets continue to grow and develop. Returning to the den one morning, Waffles must delay her entrance when she detects lions in the vicinity of her vulnerable cubs’ hiding place and decides to wallow it out in a shallow puddle until the invasion moves on.

James finds himself up in the Maasai Mara with the very special Sausage Tree Pride that have formed a constant thread throughout our series and there have been some fascinating developments with them. A lioness is suckling young cubs believed to the offspring of Kipuli but since the birth of these cubs, Kipuli and his coalition have headed off towards the south and their void has been filled by two bigger males called the Ol Donyo Paeks. They’ve mated with the other three females in the Sausage Tree Pride including Kinky Tail and we now await the arrival of their offspring.