The Cat Report is a TV series following the lives of big cat families and hyena clans in Africa

It is the ultimate wildlife soap opera

The WildEarth guides have followed these characters for years.

They all have names, personalities and prowess.

Their everyday encounters draw audiences into close and lasting relationships with each of them.

From family quarrels and love affairs to wild hunts and cute cubs, these animals never have a dull moment.

Our guides have fostered very personal relationships with the safariLIVE characters as they share and record their daily routines.


The Sausage Tree Pride

The “Sausages” have experienced a shift in dynamics. The pride has split after two females and their cubs left the group to forge a territory of their own in another area of the Maasai Mara.

The North Clan of hyena

Waffles is queen to over 70 hyenas who call the Mara Triangle home and are known as the North Clan. Waffles is near the end of her reign and soon Soup, her daughter and princess to the ageing queen, will take over.

Kakenya female cheetah

Kakenya, meaning “early morning” in Maasai, is a female cheetah born sometime before 2012. She gave birth to a litter of five cubs and raised four of those cubs to independence – a record feat for a cheetah! The cubs left her in early 2016 and one of the females has become quite famous – Naretoi.

The Leopards of Djuma


Female Leopard

There is upheaval in the land of the leopards in the Sabi Sands. The queen, Karula, is dead.

Her oldest daughter Thandi is heir to the Djuma throne. But an outsider, Xidulu, has arrived to try and take a piece of the territory.


Female Leopard


Male Leopard

The Duke of Djuma, Tingana, the dominant male leopard has been battling an intruder – Hukumuri.

He is looking to take over Tingana’s territory but the Duke is not ready to give up the fight just yet.


Male Leopard

The Lions of Djuma


Birmingham Boys

The lives of the lions in Djuma have also been unsettled recently.

The dominant male coalition – The Birmingham Boys – is a coalition of four males. They have been in charge and dominant over the prides of the area since early 2015.

Recently however The Avoca Males, a group of three young and energetic males, have shown up and taken to roaring loudly, announcing their intent to take over the territory.


Avoca Males

Meet the Guides

Scott, Jamie, Brent, James and Tristan are all highly experienced safari guides in Africa with years of experience taking guests on wild expeditions.

They have been following the lives of these characters for many years.

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