The WildEarth Channel

The WildEarth Channel is a 24/7 channel dedicated entirely to transporting viewers into remote wilderness areas. Suitable for kids, adults and families alike, this channel features LIVE expert-hosted safaris where viewers can interact with guides in real time and get questions answered about the animals they find.

Let WildEarth take you to a place where anxiety and stress do not exist.

Daily LIVE Safaris

WildEarth offers twice-daily LIVE safaris from wildlife hotspots across Africa. Our LIVE broadcasts focus on making the viewer feel like they are actually on a safari vehicle bouncing around in faraway Africa. Working via a director in our control room, the camera will move between various iconic wilderness locations to bring viewers the best wildlife action as it unfolds, creating a seamless multi-feed virtual safari. Viewers can interact with their safari hosts and have their questions answered in real time, just as if they were actually on the safari vehicle.

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Escape into nature

When we are not LIVE, we broadcast high-quality blue-chip wildlife stories. Some are high-energy action moments such as wildebeest herds crossing the Mara river in Kenya or lions on the hunt, but many are relaxing, quiet and contemplative such as a turtle slowly drifting along the Cayman reef wall.

All have immersive atmospheric sounds and music with no narration. Whether you follow each little story closely or you have it on in the background this kind of content cannot help but keep you relaxed.



The WildEarth channel first launched as a three-month pop-up channel on DSTV in ten Southern African countries on August 25th, 2020