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In 2022 WildEarth will return to the Maasai Mara to broadcast the wildebeest migration.

Be a part of the WildEarth crew that shares this unique spectacle with the world … LIVE!

Join David Githu and Isaac Rotich to experience first-hand what it takes to film and broadcast LIVE while having front row seats to all the action – in front of the lens and behind the scenes. And … help out and join in where you can!

Bookings for this once in a lifetime opportunity open on Sunday, August 22nd at 18:30 CAT.


Kenya’s Maasai Mara is the ultimate safari location. Its breathtaking scenery and jaw-dropping animal sightings will create lifelong memories. But joining a WildEarth Expedition goes beyond that as you can now take part in sharing this beauty with your family, friends and people around the world.

Not only will you get to stay in our very own WildEarth camp on the Oloololo escarpment overlooking the Mara Triangle, but you’ll be right there with David and Isaac when they go LIVE.

You’ll join in the planning and preparations before going out, can help set up and check the gear, create film footage for a unique Expedition documentary, or participate in various other ways in line with your interests and skills.

But, of course, it’s not all work and no play. There will be amazing game viewing to your heart’s content and plenty of time for rest and relaxation, to have dinner with the crew, go on a gentle stroll around camp,  or discussing the best sightings of the day with your fellow Expeditioneers.

Available dates for 2022 (6 days/5 nights):

Maximum six people per vehicle.

Maximum 12 people per Expedition. 

Your WildEarth Expedition will include:

  • A number of pre-expedition meetings with Graham Wallington and others to plan your Expedition, meet your fellow Expeditioneers, and discuss how you can and want to contribute to the migration broadcasts.

  • Collection and drop-off by David or Isaac at a Mara airstrip at your arrival and departure

  • A fully-catered stay in our WildEarth camp

  • Daily outings into the Mara to find our animal characters, look for wildebeest crossings and enjoy general game viewing

  • Actively being part of the team that shares the migration LIVE with the world

  • A special short documentary about your Expedition as a memento of this special experience

  • An opportunity to participate in a special Fireside Chat

Expedition price:

$4,995 per person

We have a number of  double safari tents for two people sharing,

as well as single safari tents for single occupancy.

It is also possible to book an optional sunrise balloon ride over the Mara but this is not included in the Expedition price.

Once booking opens on Sunday after the Sunset Safari, you can secure your spot here:

Sample itinerary

Day 1

You will be welcomed at the airstrip by your guides David Githu and Isaac Rotich. They will accompany you to the camp where they will show you your safari tent and leave you to get unpacked. Once you have had some time to settle in you will be invited to the boma for a light meal where your hosts will give you more information about the area and what to expect over the next five days. 

Because you will be part of the team who are contributing from the Mara into the WildEarth daily shows, it is important that you are aware of what it takes to make sure the production is successful and running smoothly.

Soon it’s time to jump on the vehicle for audio and video checks and then its off to find our favourite characters to share with the world on the afternoon safari.

Once back at camp, it’s time for drinks and dinner, and some great personal time with David and Isaac.

After dinner, the time will have come to return to your tent and fall asleep to the night sounds of the Mara.

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, the day starts bright and early with tea and coffee in the boma. Then it’s time to jump on the vehicle for audio and video checks before heading out to find animals for the morning safari. David Githu might well be looking for his favourite the Sausage Tree Pride, while Isaac could be heading to the Mara river for crossing watch. Especially if word amongst the guides from the various lodges is that the wildebeest numbers are building up on one side of the river. This would mean a crossing is imminent and if you are on Isaacs vehicle that day you will be part of sharing this crossing with the world on WildEarth. If the wildebeest do indeed cross, David will likely join the spectacle as well.

Once back in camp and after a sumptuous breakfast it’s time for some to help log the footage from the morning show and for others to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage or do one of the other tasks that were chosen during the pre-expedition meetings. The ‘loggers’ would head to the final control watch back the footage from the morning and help to log it so that it can be used for future productions and promos.

Then it’s time to relax, check pictures, discuss the first day’s adventures –  or just catch up on some sleep – in preparation for the afternoon’s outing.

With the herds covering the Mara Triangle all predators are trying to make the most of it. Lions who usually only hunt at night are happy to take opportunistic daytime attacks at poor unsuspecting wildebeest who are traipsing through the long grass. It promises to be a phenomenal afternoon of jaw-dropping drama.

The day is then rounded off with a traditional Kenyan feast in the boma where David and Isaac will regale you with stories from their childhoods and growing up in Kenya and exciting stories from being guides here in the Maasai Mara and for WildEarth. 

Day 3

Once again it is up at dawn to prepare the vehicles for the show, do all checks, and be out early enough to not miss anything. 

Once back at camp, the tech team need to give the vehicle a once over to make sure all equipment is still in good order so the LIVE feed remains smooth for the upcoming shows. It’s important for this to be done regularly so that no issues happen whilst we are LIVE. 

Once everyone has completed their chosen tasks, it’s time for relaxation before the afternoon show. For those that are energetic and adventurous, there will be the opportunity to go for a guided walk on the airstrip near to the camp where a family of zebras and other antelope live.

Come afternoon, it’s once again time to venture into the Mara in search of your favourite cat characters, or simply to enjoy the landscape and game viewing. knowing that while there are only six of you physically on the vehicle, many thousands around the world are sharing this experience with you. 

This evening there is a sumptuous dinner served in the boma and a chance to sit at the fire to chat about the day’s activities, and to help make a plan for where to go tomorrow.

Day 4

As is now routine it’s up as the sun rises and after some much needed tea or coffee on the deck, head out to search for the River Pride of lions who as their name suggests, live by the river. They are famous for their strategy: to wait for wildebeest to cross the river and then ambush the weaker, most tired ones at the back and grab themselves a meal. The famous lion Scarface was part of this Pride before he died earlier this year.

After a breakfast and discussion about the morning’s successes and failures, it’s off to the final control to choose some of the best behind the scenes videos and pictures to put together to share with friends and family on your social media. This is a further great way to share your experiences with your friends back home.

After this you have a chance to relax before its time for tea and coffee and then jumping on the vehicle for the afternoon show. As news comes through that a cheetah mother and cub have been spotted, the decision is made to go out earlier to look for them and be with them in time for the start of the LIVE show. David could head over to the North Clan hyena den. As it is too early for them to have gone off hunting already, there’s a good chance of finding them ‘at home’.

Tonight brings excitement as, after another wonderful meal prepared by our chef in the boma, it is time for the Expedition’s fireside chat from Kenya to catch our viewers up on what has been going on in the Mara. Hosted by David and Isaac, it will feature highlights and behind-the-scenes videos shot, collated by the team. And some of those brave enough might decide to join the Chat.

After this it’s time to fall into your beds and have a good sleep in preparation for your last full day in the Maasai Mara.

Day 5

The last full day on the Expedition and there is a lot to do. After a quick coffee is time to tech check the vehicle and equipment along with doing all the audio and video checks and then to find the characters. Yesterday, David found that there was a new hyena cub at the North Clan den. The viewers loved it and the Expedition team, therefore, decided to return there today. Isaac wants to try and get another crossing filmed before the end of this Expedition and so heads down the river.

This morning the breakfast is going to be slightly later as the WildEarth Expedition chef will be serving a full Kenyan brunch which is not to be missed. In the meantime, everyone heads over to the final control to choose shots and highlights from the five days for the official Expedition video which all Expeditioneers will receive once they are home. A perfect memory of a perfect trip.

After brunch, David takes those who have the energy for a walk to the airstrip to look at the smaller things. It’s a safe place to walk and it offers a chance to learn about tracks, flowers, trees and insects.

Then, it’s time once more to prepare for the afternoon show. One of the vehicles had a flat tyre from this morning’s show which had to be changed. It’s fully operational again and ready for everyone to jump on board and head out to see what the Triangle has in store.

The wildebeest cover the plains and the “gnu gnu” noise is deafening. On the outskirts of the herd, the North Clan can be seen chasing an old wildebeest up and down, trying to tire it out. A herd of elephants amble across the savannah on the horizon and a small pride of lion laze under an umbrella thorn tree. This is a classic African scene, it’s like something out of the Lion King.

The final supper is served in the boma and then time to sit by the fire. A final chance to talk about the memories with friends that you have made forever.

Day 6

On this final morning, some might tick off a Mara hot air balloon flight of their bucket lists to experience the Maasai Mara from the air, while the others will head out on the vehicles to contribute to the WildEarth LIVE show for a final time.

After breakfast, it’s then time to pack your bags, say goodbyes and leave the Mara behind to either start the voyage back home or to your next holiday destination. 

General info

Payment Info:

Bookings will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bookings are only secured once full payment has been received.

Payment can be made via Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer (South African or Dutch bank). We will not be able to accept check payments.

Should you have any questions about this trip of a lifetime, please send them to  and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Cancellation periods and refundable amounts are as follows:

More than 6 months      $3,995

3 – 6 months                   $2,495

Less than 3 months        $       0

Expedition price:

$4,995 per person

We have a number of  double safari tents for two people sharing,

as well as single safari tents for single occupancy.

It is also possible to book an optional sunrise balloon ride over the Mara but this is not included in the Expedition price.

Once booking opens on Sunday after the Sunset Safari, you can secure your spot here: