“Only if we understand, will we care.
Only if we care, will we help.
Only if we help shall all be saved.”

~Jane Goodall

WildEarth is a 24-hour-a-day channel that delivers authentic live and interactive wildlife experiences

Transporting people from around the world to our wildlife, WildEarth operates as a 24/7 TV channel over Africa and the United Kingdom with more territories coming soon.

Streaming is in our DNA. Find us also on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Twitch.

Authentic Experiences in Nature

Our 24/7 WildEarth TV Channel and internet safaris are suitable for kids, adults and families alike. So, join us on your very own expert-hosted LIVE safari in the heart of the African wilderness. Connect with nature and keep an eye out for elephants, leopards, lions, cheetah, hippo and much more.

Experience some of the most beautiful places on earth and interact with our experts in real time. Let Wildearth take you to places where anxiety and stress melt away.

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Read more about our twice-daily safaris here.

Become a WildEarth Explorer

Help us to keep connecting people with nature by becoming a WildEarth Explorer. Your contribution goes towards delivering these amazing daily windows into nature to so many around the world at a time that this is more necessary than ever before.

Becoming an Explorer gives you access to special features we will be adding over the coming months. But, most of all, you will be helping us bring our daily escapes into nature to more and more people around the world.

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WildEarth Kids

Children aged 4-18 from schools, hospitals, libraries and more can join a real live African Safari. A Kids session with WildEarth offers an immersive and educational experience in nature.

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