WildEarth broadcasts LIVE wildlife content from all over the world. WE are a community of passionate nature lovers.

Our mission is to connect people with nature which in turn encourages them to conserve it. We believe that conservation is not about reciting facts on global warming and poaching, but rather helping people to fall in love with the wild by connecting them to it. 

About WildEarth

WildEarth was founded in 2006 by Emily and Graham Wallington. Since then they have been joined by Peter Braat who is both Technical Director and a major shareholder.

The vision was to create LIVE wildlife content from all over the world. LIVE by its very definition allows people to interact in real time and as a result gives a sense of actually being transported to that place. Very quickly a community of like minded wildlife lovers was created and since then it has grown and grown.

Behind the WildEarth ethos is authenticity. WE believe in giving our viewers a real and honest look at our wilderness areas around the globe. By broadcasting LIVE we allow our community to see the good, the bad and the ugly of what really goes on in nature.

safariLIVE is an award winning LIVE, hosted safari in South Africa which broadcasts for six hours a day every single day of the year. Viewers can hop on the largest safari vehicle in the world and join other like minded people in the search for Africa’s most iconic animals. Since its inception in 2007, many of the animals have become safariLIVE favourites. From Karula the leopard and her many litters of cubs to The Birmingham Boy coalition of lions, WE has followed both their fortunes and tragedies.

safariLIVE has been broadcasted to National Geographic WILD for over four years both on the internet and television, Since the relationship started in late 2014, safariLIVE has broadcast over 100 hours of television to National Geographic WILD including an 8 week primetime series.. Furthermore, our safaris have been licensed to other broadcasters like the SABC (South African national broadcaster) and CGTN Africa (an international channel of China’s CCTV).

WE is committed to educating our future conservations across the globe. The children today are the ones who will play the largest part in saving our planet and helping them to fall in love with nature is of utmost importance. safariLIVE has a schools programme in which students from all over the world can choose a slot and have safariLIVE broadcast into their classroom during that time. For that period only the expert hosts will only answer questions and talk to those students.

WildEarth also consists of a multitude of LIVE wildlife webcams from all over the globe. Highlights from over the years are the exciting birth of little black bear cubs in Minnesota with the North American Bear Center and the many brand new bald eagle chicks that have hatched in front of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation cameras in Canada. Other great successes have been the peregrine falcons of Pittsburg, the many beautiful cams from PixController in Pennsylvania, flying LIVE with Operation Migration as they take a cohort of whooping cranes across America and of course the wonderful Pete’s Pond in Mashatu, Botswana.

WildEarth is an honest and reliable company that is looking to forge long term relationships with its partners. Whether you are a  broadcaster, landowner or viewer we believe transparency and reliability is the only way. Once you are part of the WE family then together we will work towards making a difference on the beautiful planet that we live on.