GREAT NEWS: The coffee table book is now guaranteed to be printed!

Help us complete the first WildEarth book to celebrate our 14th birthday

A little over a year ago we reached out to you, our community, to share your favourite moments and sightings, or to share what the daily safaris mean to you. The goal was to create a book by and for the WildEarth community, but this project was not brought to completion. With the 14th birthday of daily LIVE safaris coming up on April 27th, we want to now finish and publish this book.

We received a large number of great and moving stories last year but a lot has happened since then and there is room for more. So, if you have not yet shared the story about your favourite sighting, and why it is so special to you, or about what the safaris mean to you, please do send it to and it might still be included in the book.

Or, if you do not have such a story but simply want to let us know you’re watching and are part of our community, complete this quick form with some basic info and comment. We’ll try to include as many of these as we can in a special section of the book.

Two book formats – A printed coffee table book, or an e-book

The format of the physical book will be a hard-cover coffee table book of about 20 x 30 cm (8″ x 12″) with around 100 pages of your stories, a bit of history and many, many beautiful pictures.

While we expect most people to want this book as a beautiful coffee table book, we appreciate some would prefer it as an e-book only for cost or other reasons. Therefore, we’ve decided to offer both options; purchase a coffee table book or an e-book only. If you order the coffee table book, we will still provide you with the e-book as well, as a free bonus.

When purchasing the coffee table book, two payments will be due. One now, and one before shipping it to you. We’ve structured it like this as the actual cost to print and ship will depend on the number of books sold (and printed) and where they need to be shipped. Once we start the printing and know where each book needs to be shipped, we will be in touch with you with the final amount for the second payment and, once paid, we will then ship the book to your address.

Should you only want the e-book, only the ‘Pay now’ amount is due and we will send you the e-book once it is ready.

Get your WildEarth book now

If you want to secure your copy of the book, tell us whether you are just looking to get the e-book, or would also like to get the beautiful coffee table book (Which is guaranteed to be printed now!).

Remember that the special 20% Early Bird discount is only valid until the end of March. So, get yours now! 

coffee table (includes bonus free e-book

e-book only

The below image is not an actual book page but merely a mock-up of what the community section might look like.  As such the assignment of quotes to people may be inaccurate here.