As most of you have seen WE have been having major problems with our batteries once again. This seems to happen every few months and it is a complete frustration in our lives as I am sure that it is for you as well. In order to get the video signal from the game drive [...]

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The WE family.

WEll done to Valorie Berry for putting together this amazing video. It is a real tear jerker, I had goose bumps from the word go. Also a big thanks to all of our wonderful viewers for helping with this. It means so much to us and is a beautiful piece of video showing WildEarth as [...]

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New Cams on Wildearth

David Hancock and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation Eagle Cams.David Hancock from the Hancock Wildlife Foundation is streaming two new cameras onto WE and there are more to come. David is eagle man and true to style these are both eagle related. The first is called Chehalis Platform Cam. This is a camera that has been [...]

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News from Operation Migration

As of this morning Operation Migration are on Day 21 of the southward migration and they have already covered 94.4 airmiles. Only 1190.6 miles to go! It really is a mission.They are planning to do another leg today. If they manage it weather wise (which looks really possible) they'll be ahead of last year by [...]

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News from Pennsylvania

As you probably know by now Pix Controller have installed a 3rd motion-activated remote camera which is currently setup over an active whitetail scrape. A whitetail scrape is an area a whitetail buck will create by scraping a patch of ground under a small tree usually in a funnel area where other bucks will see [...]

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