WE are rhinos!

WildEarth and Djuma would like to ask you [our faithful safarians] to help us, help the Ngalave creche in Hluvukani. The creche currently accommodates 52 under 5 year olds daily. The conditions are appalling due to lack of funding. These poor children currently do not have any tables and chairs, educational toys or arts [...]

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Some changes in the Sabi Sands for WildEarth

As many of you know the webcam at the Djuma waterhole is one of the oldest wildlife webcams in the world! It was installed by Africam back in 1998 and has pretty much broadcasted unbroken for 19 years. The camera has been controlled by our volunteer zoomies for some years now. In addition to a [...]

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The Cat Report: 19 – 26 May 2016

Saturday 20 May As the chilly night relented, the sunrise was welcomed on the Arathusa grasslands by the shivering WE crew. As WE were enjoying the golden sunrise, we were met with the golden gaze of the beautiful leopardess, Shadow, alert and on the lookout for potential danger or perhaps prey. Shadow’s alert outline was [...]

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safariLIVE time change 16 May 2017

Well safarians winter is finally upon us and that means one final time change as we delve into the cooler months of the year. Dawn breaks over the African wilderness ever later, the dawn chorus is lulling as migrants and fledglings spread their wings to soar to faraway places, and the safariLIVE crew’s alarm clocks [...]

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safariLIVE May rehearsal schedule 2017

With another appearance on television screens across the US hurtling towards us, WE need to polish up and practice until our performance is perfect. That means WE will be having just a few private rehearsals in the week to come. While this does mean that you will miss a safari or two it also ensures [...]

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safariLIVE celebrates Mother’s Day 2017 LIVE on Nat Geo WILD!

It’s back to LIVE TV for the safariLIVE crew! And what better occasion to celebrate our return to the silver screen than Mother’s Day 2017. Some of our most astute viewers will have noticed that WE are already getting into the swing of things by practicing advertisement break intervals during our live drives. (Karula lovingly [...]

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safariLIVE Time Change 1 May 2017

Well safarians, winter is just about upon us! That means it’s time for another adjustment to our LIVE safari drive start times. WE do this to ensure you are out and about in the African wilderness when the animals are at their most active! Our days are getting shorter, our nights are getting longer and [...]

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The Cat Report: 21 April – 28 April

Friday 21 April After presumably picking up on Xongile’s scent, we listened to Hosana calling out on Baboon Pan before he ducked and disappeared - was he looking for his little sister? [Screenshot: Lily Brown] WE then raced off to find Tingana before the end of the sunset safari, having been notified of his presence [...]

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