safariLIVE and Nat Geo WILD present: The Gauntlet

The gloves are coming off for the next spectacular televised installment of safariLIVE. The gauntlet has been set and no amount of protective armament is going to deflect the hard hitting action only the African wild can deliver. The challenge commences on Friday, 27 July. However, in order to bring you mother nature’s ultimate [...]

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Sunday safariLIVES – Schedule Change

The only constant in life is change, or at least that’s what ‘they say’ and with all the new and exciting things happening in safariLIVE change is inevitable. As of Sunday 9 July our weekly character catch up show, safariLIVES, will be aired during the sunset safari. Why, you ask? The first hour of [...]

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Stroppy technology throws a spanner in the works for the safariLIVE schedule

The safariLIVE Search and ID initiative has given the team a few hiccups over the past few days. Thelma the thermal drone doesn’t seem all that interested in communicating with her trusty steed Jigga or her French Gabonese drone pilot, Sebastien.   As a result, Thelma is in need of a good talking to [...]

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safariLIVE Time Change: Search and ID

Searching through the darkness of the African night for creatures - both great and small - is no easy task. Each animal species has specific characteristics/adaptations that have been developed over millions of years of evolution to ensure their day-to-day survival. This makes the prospect of searching for the ultimate stealth predator or the [...]

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Coffee mugs can save the environment

I was not taught about picking up after myself at school, my mother did that; and I thought it was universal. It stayed with me all the way through childhood. In fact, I think it was the first element of taking care of myself and my surroundings that I learned and took to heart. That [...]

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My camp and other animals: By Gregory’s grace

You would think, living in the wilderness surrounded by wild fauna (human and animal alike) might satiate the human need for animal companionship. You might think that evening visits from the local hyena clan or the garden eating bushbuck would be enough. But, you would be wrong. For as long as I have lived here, [...]

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Mercy Goes Wild

It is a picturesque journey. For about 10 kilometers after you turn off the main highway and start descending into the Rift Valley, you are treated to one of the most magnificent views in the world. It is also a harrowing road that dangles precariously on the edge of an escarpment, with equally scary oncoming [...]

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Endangered Species Day 2018 – A personal musing

I remember a particular day in my early twenties, sitting beside a pool questioning life. I remember it because it started with chewing on a blade of grass and doing very little else which is one of my favourite pastimes. My deep wondering was, like all wondering, both profound and all together very simplistic. [...]

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