Creature Feature: Squirrels in the Attic

This is not the first time I’ve had animal intruders in my living space. The siafu ants marching into my tent, a toad who I had to rescue and relocate outside, and lizards who crawl on every internal surface. On my return to the safariLIVE, camp in South Africa, I found myself once again [...]

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The safariLIVE Experience: R Beard

When I saw WildEarth’s Kickstarter reward offered for a contribution to their new “Dive Live” project, I jumped on it. Though online only a few hours, seven of the eight spots were already gone! Who wouldn’t want to visit your heroes, live in the African bush and maybe even make a small contribution to [...]

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Scooby Doo – Where Are You?

Looking at the monitor, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was just a dirt smudge on the screen. His puffy body and little toothpick legs, not occupying much more than a few pixels at a time. Over the last week, however, this pixel puff has scuttled his way across our monitors, through the dust [...]

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Tayla McCurdy says goodbye to safariLIVE:

The iconic, lionine Tayla McCurdy will be roaring her last for safariLIVE. After two unforgettable years with WildEarth she has decided it’s time to change up her territory and move on from safariLIVE. Ever energetic and constantly on the move, Tayla is venturing forth to pursue her own ambitious dreams. She has without [...]

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Hosana, the Prince of safariLIVE: The Gauntlet

Fewer cats have more charm than Hosana. The son of Karula, “the Little Chief” has quickly become one of the most beloved leopards that resides in the Sabi Sands. He is always displaying behaviour that gives the audience a good look at his character. He sulks when he loses kills, he displays fear and [...]

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The safariLIVES specials are back!

Our TV season of “safariLIVE: The Gauntlet” has come to a close and, with the first signs of Spring on the way, we welcome back our weekly character catch-ups with “safariLIVES”. Every Sunday’s sunset safari will be dedicated to a recap with our favourite characters, LIVE from the Sabi Sands and The Mara Triangle. [...]

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safariLIVE time change – 27 August 2018

safariLIVE: The Gauntlet is over and spring is on its way. With the tides of Spring changes, we are also due for a change in the scheduled LIVE safari drives. As of the 27th August, we will begin the sunrise safaris 30 minutes earlier and begin the sunset safaris 30 minutes later. Please see [...]

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Creature Feature: A Toady Intruder

Living out here in the bush, your neighbors are animals. Although we each have our own tents, the animals don’t care much about your privacy and when given the chance, will invade your personal quarters. I’ve had insects and small lizards get into my tent before but a few nights ago, a larger intruder [...]

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safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – The final round of rehearsals

To say the past four weeks of safariLIVE: The Gauntlet have been epic would be a true understatement. From the phenomenal natural spectacle that is the Great Migration in Kenya, to the unusually social antics of the Djuma leopards, the gauntlet has been more than just thrown down. It has been stalked, it has [...]

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safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – Kakenya

The plains of the Maasai Mara are always a contrast between beauty and tragedy. For every successful big cat out there, there are a dozen who do not make it. Whether through a bad hunt, an encounter with other predators, or being wounded, many of the cat characters out on the Mara plains find [...]

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