safariLIVE Time Change 15 Jan 2018

The summer months are now just beginning to draw to a close and the sun breaks the darkness of the dawn horizon later each morning. This means it’s time for a change to the safariLIVE safari schedule. As of 15 January 2018 the Sunrise Safari will begin 30 mins later. This is to ensure you [...]

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Creature Feature: Southern yellow-billed hornbill

  My first encounter with a southern yellow-billed hornbill was a pleasant one. The bird was pointed out to me on my second day at Djuma. Jared, one of the tech team, drew my attention to one seated upon a tree. He said it would soon do a little dance and after a few moments [...]

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The Cat Report: December 30 – January 5

 SABI SAND (Thandi and her cub lying together on a log, Screenshot Credit: Kim Eckert, safariLIVE, Djuma). THANDI January 1 In the early hours of the morning, WE found a special treat to ring in the New Year: Thandi and her cub were lying together on a log [...]

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WE welcome Steve Faulconbridge to safariLIVE

Steve was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Johannesburg. He didn’t have the opportunity to spend much time in nature, but his mother’s stories of her childhood outside the Kruger created an attachment to the place. On top of that the compulsory career aptitude test he took in school suggested that [...]

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Adventures of an Intern: Maasai Mara vs Djuma By Jake McDaniel

Me (on the left)  and my brother David, who came to Djuma for a visit. My name is Jake McDaniel. You may remember me from a few months ago when I was an intern in the Maasai Mara. During that time I assisted in the production of the daily internet TV shows [...]

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The Sweet Rewards of Knowledge

Place matters. Cultures did not develop in a vacuum, but in response to people’s surroundings. The flora and fauna in which humans were immersed determined the rhythm of daily life, social dynamics and banks of knowledge. To live so close to the land, groups of people were required to be experts in their environments. [...]

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A Matter of Perspective: Wild Dog Pack vs. Hyena

Hyenas get a bad rap. Thanks to a combination of sources, from myths to media, hyenas are seen as “bad” animals. Perhaps their appearances don’t help: they’re hardly pleasant to look upon, resembling beefy dogs with powerful, slavering jaws filled with a mouthful of bone-crushing teeth and ‘laughing’ in a fashion that disturbs many. [...]

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The Cat Report: December 15-21

SABI SAND MYSTERY MALE LEOPARD (Who was too sly for a pose for a decent photo...) December 19 Although WE only caught brief glimpses of this reclusive leopard, it was enough to be able to identify him as the new male leopard that was seen mating with the Ingrid Dam female last week. [...]

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The Art of Restraint

Last May I was watching safariLIVE from Alaska, a world away from the African wilderness. I sat, eyes glued to my screen, along with so many other viewers around the world and felt wave after wave of sympathy at the sight of Fang, the beloved elephant, in distress. The herd matriarch showed clear signs [...]

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The Cat Report: December 8-15

SABI SAND (An injured and dejected wild dog, Screenshot Credit: Agnes Zsiga, safariLIVE, Djuma) INVESTEC PACK (IMBALI BREAKAWAYS) December 9 WE witnessed a wild dog’s worst nightmare this week: an injury that prevented it from sticking with the pack. When we found the dog, it was alone, limping [...]

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