WildEarth Explorers Support Schoolchildren on a Journey

into Nature




“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.”

– Jane Goodall


Your unwavering support and dedication has borne the most precious of all fruits as WE are once again offering our unique SafariLIVE Kids! This achievement is thanks to your Explorer funding and commitment and now school children from around the world can step into nature, often for the very first time.


As school kids interact live with our naturalists, go on our interactive safaris and learn about the wild animals that live in the bush, they experience a profound shift during this exciting and memorable experience.


As these children will one day be the custodians of our planet, WE believe instilling in them a true care, understanding and love for nature is crucial to both their futures and that of our planet.

These children will become our conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts, activists, journalists, producers and world leaders and what they think, say and do will have a great impact. Our own actions, as Explorers and as part of WildEarth, will also have

far-reaching consequences. This is one of the most important initiatives WildEarth has ever embarked on and WE hope you will join us and encourage

others to join us too, as we reach out globally with our SafariLIVE Kids experiences.

Currently WE are able to open one session a week to six schools and as our Explorers grow in number, WE will be able to fund and open more sessions to children from all backgrounds and walks of life around the globe! All thanks to you.

For those who would love to participate but are unable to sign up as Explorers at the moment, WE have more good news! WE are creating an option for once-off and recurring donations for anyone who would like to be a part of this initiative. Please go to wildearth.tv/donate on our webpage.


You can also help us to guide young minds and inspire growing hearts by sending in your messages to our SafariLIVE Kids. WE will read your message out during the kids safari experience too, allowing you to feel a true connection, not just to the wild, but to the next generation who will one day take our places as custodians of our precious natural world. Send your messages to .