26th March Channel Schedule Time Change

As the days grow shorter and the winter season approaches, we are adapting our schedule to continue bringing you the best live content from the bushveld.

From Sunday the 26th of March, our Sunrise Safaris will begin at 6:30 AM CAT, as the sun rises later and later each day. We will still capture the unique beauty of the early morning, as the plants and animals of the bushveld begin to stir and awaken.

Similarly, the Sunset Safari will begin at 2:30 PM CAT, as the sun sets earlier and the bushveld prepares for the night. We will continue to bring you the iconic African sunsets and all the action that happens as the night falls.

(See channel schedule for all updated times of all shows)


We are excited to explore the wonders of the winter season with you and share the magic of the bushveld as it transforms under the shifting sun. Join us on WildEarth for an unforgettable adventure.