WildEarth is creating a new channel in our app with all the most amazing sightings from our extensive library of past safaris. This new channel, Wild Sightings, needs your help to look through our YouTube Library and help us find these sightings. 

If you are interested in becoming a WildEarth Archivist and have the time to ‘scrub’ through 6 weeks of safaris in our YouTube Library and submit those sightings that you think fit into what WE are looking for, please complete the application at archivists.wildearth.tv  (Scrubbing is a term used in video editing for fast-forwarding or quickly searching through video content.)

We need to know how much time you think you have available for this project each day or week and an indication that you will stick with it until you have properly “scrubbed your block”. 

We are looking to appoint 48 archivists and each will be allocated a 6-and-a-bit week block [45 days] of the WildEarth library between 3rd November 2016 and the present. You will then need to scrub through each of the safaris in your block carefully and look for sightings that fit our clearly articulated criteria. Once you have found a sighting that you think fits the bill you will submit that sighting through a form we have built. It’s all fun and simple.

Then a team member in our Post-production department will check that sighting and if they agree that it meets the criteria it will be added to the official list of sightings to be processed and included in the new Wild Sightings channel.

Once you have completely scrubbed your block and submitted the sightings from it, you will be given a chance to select special merchandise, only available to Archivists, which let you proudly tell the world that you are an official WildEarth Archivist. If you have a PayPal account and would prefer the cash value of the merchandise rather than the merchandise, that’s OK; we can send it there. Hey, maybe you would rather purchase an Explorer subscription! (This option is only possible if you have a PayPal account, though.)

So, if you have some time available, and want to help us build an amazing new TV channel based on all our phenomenal past sightings and can see yourself proudly wearing some WE Archivist merch then please complete the application at archivists.wildearth.tv and get scrubbing!