Shorter Sunset Drive This Friday

With the excitement of Big Cat Week, things are getting rather busy around camp. The team is working hard to make sure these extraordinary broadcasts are of the highest quality so WE bushwackers need our rest.The sunset #SafariLive this Friday, November 27, with be an hour shorter to give us this extra down time, leaving [...]

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Big Cat Week Schedule Changes

Big Cat Week is finally here! And this exciting time for all of us, also means some scheduling changes for the sunrise and sunset drives. Our team will be doing a few rehearsals which will cut into drive time, but are important so we can slay gremlins, stumble in private and put our best foot [...]

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Time Change For Sunrise #SafariLive

From Saturday, November 7, sunrise #SafariLive will begin 30 minutes earlier at 5:00am CAT or 10:00pm ET. This is due to sunrise starting even earlier as we head further into the summer months. We will be able to make the most of our time on drive and be there when the animals start their day. WE [...]

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