The descent into Tswalu’s airstrip provided me with a real rush of adrenaline and excitement.  The time had finally arrived when my adventure with the Gosa meerkat gang was about to begin. 3 months of seemingly unimaginable experiences lie ahead of me.What really struck me, initially from the air and later as we made our [...]

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Tequila Sunrise … in the Kalahari

Tequila sunrise is the name that WE have given to the very first 3D GoPro beamsplitter rig. All future versions will be named after cocktails as well. :)In fact we sat around and decided to retroactively name WildEarth's very first 3D rig (the one used at Djuma in 2010 and 2011) the Pan Galactic Gargle [...]

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A quick change of house

Ah yes, day 4 of my Gosa gang adventure in the Kalahari. I have my toothbrush, I have my camera, and I have my new Gosa gang family. Yesterday another WildEarth crew member joined us in the form of Garth; a slender and pleasant chap hailing from the coastal metropolis of Cape Town. After his arrival, [...]

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Meet the Meerkats

After a long haul from Johannesburg with all the field gear and some very Southern music, the WildEarth crew arrived at Tswalu Kalahari Reserve. I had totally forgotten how much I missed the Kalahari, and soon my ears were filled with the sound of sand-grouse, my lungs with the promise of rain, and my nostrils [...]

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Enter the Meerkat Mongrel

If I were to have had a 3D camera follow me through my life, you would have seen fleeting images of me spending a lot of my youth out in the bush, then studying conservation and running the biology pub at university, becoming enthralled in photography, and then landing up on the doorstep of Wild [...]

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