Wild dogs and Mofazi Ingala on baboon kill

On the 25th of February Rex and Alex headed out, searching for the hidden sun under the thick African clouds and for what was hiding around the next corner!Rexon wanted to go and see what was happening at the local waterhole and headed towards Gowrie main. Just onto Gowrie main- west of Shabam road the [...]

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The ‘Tank’ needs help.

Yesterday evening, during Dinamossi's try out drive, the Tank's starter motor broke again. This has happened a few times before and is partly due to the constant stopping and starting and partly because the Tank is made up of a Chev engine, a Landrover Discovery gearbox and the rest is a Landrover Defender. Jan and [...]

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Sorry to keep you hanging around.

Over the past few days a whole bunch of technical problems have presented themselves simultaneously. An uninterupted power supply failed, which is mainly why you have been seeing the sorry sign so often, the chargers have not been working properly, which is why WE have had battery problems, the main video switch in the final [...]

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