Pieter In Action

This is a video I found whilst looking for WildEarth videos on You Tube. Well done to banditt066 for an absolutely exceptional video, I found it hilarious. I am working on a WE highlights show from You Tube videos posted by viewers which will show you the best videos made each week. Please keep on [...]

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Starter motor breaks again!

It's happened again! The starter motor on the Tank has bust. The constant stopping and starting, coupled with advanced years, is just more than the old lady can stand. So WE unfortunately have to cancel the morning drive tomorrow. As you know, WE really do not like missing a drive, but there is only one [...]

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A puff adder invades final control!

Monday evening, and the thunder clouds were gathering over the Sabi Sands. That evening, Pieter was presenting and Alex was on camera. Back at Final Control, Jan was directing, and I was watching the drive, and sitting next to the mixing desk. After about half an hour, it became obvious that the drive would have [...]

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Things that go bump in the night!

This morning I woke up to the thinning darkness of night. I'd heard lions roar somewhere far away, around four. Outside was cool with the smell of rain.I am in Africa. Say the word out loud "Africa", feel it.Around five thirty, I stop at the Moolman's house to switch on some equipment. The baboons are [...]

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