Herman actually finished this video on Saturday, when WE blew our first inverter. But due to various issues like the loss of our Internet connection and for some reason the first time he uploaded it to YouTube it failed, he only got it up properly today.
In the meantime the new, very expensive, inverter blew again!:( So Pieter and Rory headed back into Nelspruit this morning to get yet another one. In the meantime, Pete stayed back at camp and rewired the Jigga in an attempt to try and resolve whatever is causing this problem. While he has not been able to find the proverbial ‘smoking gun’, he has completely rewired the system and WE hope that this will fix the problem.
Pieter and Rory were successful, but not early enough to make it back for this afternoons drive. There will however, be a drive tomorrow morning and hopefully this will be the last time in a while that WE miss a drive.
Sorry for this inconvenience, but you know how tough it is to keep this broadcast coming out of the African bush without the odd technical moment. :)
Anyway great WE-BiTS Herman. Nice to see a bit of the camp, and i think you did a great job on  camera and on the editing. Keep it up.