Well I write to you after a rather stressful night and morning trying to sort out a new inverter and understand why we keep blowing the old ones. As Graham mentioned below, Simon and Rexon are on their way to pick up a new one and all should be back to normal relatively soon. On a happier note Pieter and Herman are back from leave and Pieter has brought Rory with him. He is going to be in and around the camp for the next two months helping out so I am sure that you will see quite a lot of him on the drives. That means that WE have all of our wonderful crew together for a few days which is always great. However,tomorrow Rexon and Simon go on a well deserved two week break. However, you will be seeing them during this break. On the 25th October which is exactly one week from today WE are taking the Kids of Dixie to the movies in Nelspruit. Many very generous donations from you guys the viewers have enabled us to take these under privileged children out of their home village and into the big wide world. Many of them haven’t even seen a tar road before and none have ever been to the movies. I have organised three big buses that will arrive with their own drivers at 7am on the Saturday morning. 36 children and 6 adults will be climbing aboard and heading for Nelspruit. Rexon, Herman and Simon will be going to help organise but also to film everything so that we can show you everything when we get back. There is a possibility that we will try to make it LIVE but Graham won’t commit 100% to this yet. When they arrive at the movies (3 hours from Dixie) they will all be handed a Kiddies combo. This consists of popcorn and some sweets and a drink of their choice. They will then be ushered into the theatre that has the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua playing. I have made a block booking so that they will all be sitting together in rows. I can imagine at this point there will be a lot of noise and very excited faces. Afterwards Rexon and the others will take them for hamburgers before they all climb aboard the buses to go home. Once again I must thank you all deeply for enabling us to do this for these children. It will be something that they will remember for ever.

On a different note the videos are getting better and better each week. I am staggered at how many wonderfully creative clips that you guys are putting together and I swear each week the standard improves. Enjoy.
Emily Wallington

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV

Find more videos like this on WildEarth.TV

Djuma Story 1 and 2 by edpbs
These are both absolutely beautiful. It really gives you a good idea of what to see at Djuma. The scenes are all perfectly African and the wonderful pieces of music that you have chosen make it perfect. I love the footage of the tiny elephant in the first story, what a cute little thing. All in all watching these make me really miss the bush and want to get my new little one (when she arrives) down there as soon as possible. Thanks edpbs, I love them.

Drifters by Joyce
Well done Joyce for finding such fantastic footage. I don’t manage to see all the drives and some of this stuff has blown me away. The genet is phenomenal and the black mamba,well what can I say. It a really nice idea to put a compilation like this together because it not only enables people to see some of the best footage from 2008 but it makes for great entertainment. Well done on the editing and music as well, i really really enjoyed it.

Baboons at Gowrie by Sagresta
The baboons come down to Gowrie so often that it is a great idea to put all the various sightings together like this.There is always so much interaction and behaviour of them right in front of the camera. It astounds me at how human like they are. Thanks Sagresta, it is always wonderful to see your videos.

Here comes the Judge by Afrimoo
Well done for finding this piece of music, it is hilarious. I had no idea that such a piece of music existed. I had to put this video in, it is wonderful. Thanks Afrimoo.