A new Hancock Wildlife eagle nest

The nest is in an old Garry oak tree in Sidney, British Columbia - a suburb of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, situated on the South end of Vancouver Island. The area is near the Swartz Bay ferry terminal on the Saanich Peninsula. This pair has successfully raised young in front of the Hancock [...]

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Late night BiTS!!

As usual Herman has produced a great WE-BiTS about last weeks late night drives. Here you get to see a little behind the scenes that was happening on the spotting vehicle. Well done Herman ... and enjoy your break.

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I have to be honest, I sit here now and find myself at a slight loss for words. When given the chance to sit down with your thoughts,stare quietly into your feelings and write about your emotions. . . then suddenly a lot of what happened today comes rushing back at melike a mock charge. [...]

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WE went frogging …

On the evening of Monday the 16th February WE went out and did something a little out of the ordinary ... WE went frogging!Now this involves a few intrepid men sloshing around at night in a leech infested waterhole, surrounded by biting insects, lugging tons of not always cooperative broadcast equipment, in the middle of [...]

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