Predators everywhere …

The past few weeks and in particular the past few days have brought some outstanding content. Yesterday, I was working on trying to get our new streaming platform working properly (sorry about all the hassles, but it is getting better) and I suddenly noticed that Karula was hunting!! I saw her tail sticking out onto [...]

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WE love WE!

If you love WE please send us a video of yourself telling us why. Just like the video above, WE would like to make a little video of our crew and viewers sharing their feelings, memories and thoughts about what WE means to them. Please send the videos to *protected email* . It doesn't matter if you [...]

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WE are at WildTalk

The next week will see a very disrupted schedule at WildEarth, and unfortunately it is not very well oriented to our all important North American audience. You see, WE are at WildTalk Africa in Durban South Africa until Thursday next week, and WE need to ensure that as much of our premium content is concentrated into the time that [...]

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Auto stop and archiving eagles

Over the past few days WE have noticed a massive increase in viewers to the Hancock Wildlife cams, but on doing some experimentation WE discovered that many of the viewers were in fact not there. In other words a lot of people are leaving the cams running when they are not watching. On the Internet [...]

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