As we move from safariLIVE back to our grassroots brand WildEarth, WE felt that it was an excellent time to produce a book which contains our best and most memorable sightings since we launched in 2007. 

This book is different from a typical book, though because there will be many contributing authors! WE want you, the people who know WildEarth best, to be an integral part of writing this book.

WE are asking you to send in a story about a special moment on WildEarth, one that touched your heart. These moments can be from as far back as 2007 when WE launched and right up to the present day. Please let us know why this was so special for you, what it meant to you and why it touched you.

This book will not only be something that captures why WildEarth has meant so much to so many but can also have your special moment, written by you, in it.

Please send your stories to . We look forward to reading them.


Image credit: Brent Leo-Smith