WE have some very exciting news for those of you who fancy a bit of travelling in 2022. After almost two years of travel restrictions, things are starting to ease up and hopefully, 2022 will see many of you being able to fulfil your dream of going on safari.

WildEarth will be offering four expeditions in 2022 from Djuma Private Game Reserve, which as most of you know is our true home. A WildEarth Expedition is not just a normal safari holiday. It is aimed at people who enjoy the experiences that we offer virtually and would like to delve deeper into what we do, what we stand for and of course the people involved.

In addition to an opportunity to stay in a luxurious lodge in the bush and have daily extraordinary wildlife sightings, you will be guided by a WildEarth guide, meet the crew, have a look at the WildEarth HQ at Djuma, visit the projects in the nearby town that WildEarth has supported, enjoy a fascinating bush walks, and much more.

Bookings will open on Sunday 11th July at 7 pm CAT (30 minutes after the end of the Sunset Safari) and there are limited places available as Djuma has reduced the number of beds per lodge. This will make it an even more personal experience. Each expedition will be hosted by a WildEarth Guide and all information relating to each of the expeditions can be found at crm-api-integ-220516.mystagingwebsite.com/expeditions or by clicking on the ‘Expeditions 2022’ menu item on our site.

WE are excited to meet you here at Djuma and can’t wait for you to learn more about what we do and who we are.