Over the last few days WE have been privileged to spend a lot of time with Karula and her two cubs. On Monday Karula killed an impala and her two young cubs had a great meal. She is a very relaxed leopard and really doesn’t mind us hanging around with her family.
Yesterday morning WE all watched as a pregnant Hyena came upon the kill and treed the cubs. This is a scary moment for a leopard mom as a hyena will happily kill her cubs both for food and in order to reduce future competition. Anyway both cubs survived the encounter and WE all look forward to seeing a lot more of them over the coming years. There is no doubt that Djuma Game Reserve is one of the best, if not the best, place in the world to view leopards in the wild.
To all of those of you that have been posting video clips that you have recorded from our game drives onto You Tube … a big “thank you”. They are really beautiful and all those people that cannot get onto the drive really appreciate your efforts.