Some rain, news and feeds.

Well this morning early, Djuma had a little rain, about 2mm. Not much but a beginning. WE decided not to go out on our morning drive as we are worried about damaging our sensitive game drive broadcast equipment in the rain. The two new vehicles that WE are busy designing will be fully waterproof and [...]

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Starter motor is in and running.

WE knew it was going to happen, we just didn't know when. Well the new starter motor (only put in some weeks ago) gave up the ghost as the end of yesterday afternoon's drive. First thing this morning we sourced a second hand replacement in Johannesburg and just managed to get it onto the flight [...]

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Back on the road again …

Well, after a good few late nights and a lot of driving around the Lowveld, WE have a new set of batteries and a lot of maintenance on the game drive vehicle under the belt. Hopefully drives will be a bit smoother ... although the starter motor continues to worry.Thanks for your patience over the [...]

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