When the fire burns low, and the embers whisper to us, the coals can tell a story, so ancient that history has forgotten. Somewhere deep within our phyletic memory or maybe our primal beings, we can remember fire. Something that once scared us, enchanted us and captivated us. Something that changed us forever. It is almost forgotten. In forgotten history, before the ancient times, but fire is part of us. Long before we could remember, or record our thoughts, or even share our thoughts in conversation. Long before we exploded on our planet, humans have sat around the fire. I do not know much ancient history, but I do know that what we can see in fires today, was there long before the wheel, steel, space travel or even most words. It was there before and during the dawn of the thinking man, and will be there after the end of him. So there WE are, opening a door to share the thoughts we feel, looking with eyes that are the window to our soul, and simply expanding the space of LIVE and life. The fire has been a powerful friend to me … a companion that has been with me in some of my deepest and truest moments, and has spoken to me when my heart felt free to listen. I have spent more moments around campfires than most, and am yet to ever be bored when looking into one, or sharing it’s warmth with friends. It is magical, beautiful and will always be a part of our primal, tribal soul. I do not quite understand, but last night, I could feel you there, and WE will all get more comfortable, but what we’ll share around a fire with each other, will be deeper than what we can put on a table, write about, talk about, and sharing the same fire, goes further than we can even remember. I look forward to the journey with you, but if WE can take time to talk around a fire, WE will grow together, and the passion we feel in our hearts, will be the flames that light up our eyes … you are in our nature.
Thoughts by Pieter Pretorius