WE-BiTS 25th August 2008

You are probably starting to notice a few changes with the WE-BiTS show. It's coming out more often and it's shorter. Well WE are planning to get three out per week from now on, each with one story rather than the three inserts per show that we used to do. I am very proud of [...]

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WE-BiTS 22nd August 2008

In this the latest WE-BiTS, Marco shows us another aspect of behind the scenes life at WildEarth. This time we meet Beth, an avid WE viewer, as she and her group tour the WildEarth camp with Rex. Later in the day Rexon takes everyone to Dixie where the group donate various items to the school [...]

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WE videos

Well its been an interesting week in which Rexon has excelled in his leopard finding. Its been unbelievable. Virtually every drive has given us a leopard so well done Rex and thanks for all of your hard work. Pieter is now back which is great and he has carried on finding leopards. For the past [...]

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WElcome Peter Braat

Peter Braat (known as Pete) is an incredibly interesting guy. Born and bred in Holland he speaks five different languages and has travelled the globe extensively. Having lived and worked in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Kuwait and now South Africa he has picked up a vast amount of knowledge. Working as a chemical engineer and general [...]

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Well the WEwiki team have IDed the new leopard.

 At first WE thought he was Matimba. Then we compared him to the picture from Andre that we thought was Matimba, but realised that he was not the same. Then some very late night spot recognition work, akin to what the FBI might do, turned up a further confusing fact ... the shot of Matimba [...]

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WE-BiTS 15 August 2008

Another great WE-Bits (WildEarth Behind The Scenes) from Marco this week. He has been putting so much effort into this show and it really shows (sorry).This week Marco went with Rexon and Motheo back to Dixie for a festival of dancing. What a spectacle, there really is some serious talent in this little village.Then Marco [...]

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