As most of you will know by now Pieter and Lieschen will be leaving the WildEarth crew at the end of this month. They have decided it is time to move on with their lives, get married and set up home in Namibia.

Pieter has been with us since the first time we went LIVE in April 2007 but also for months before that whilst setting up. Firefighting well into the early hours of the morning to try and get a fire under control is something I am sure he will never forget. Erecting an 75 foot mast at “Hell’s Gate” is also something that sticks in all of our minds. In the searing heat of the midday sun we tried to make this thing stand up straight but alas it wasn’t going to happen easily. After Pieter had stripped his hands of any skin and mind of any sense of humor it finally worked.
WildEarth has grown significantly since the days of camp building, signal problems and only “80 seats” on ‘The Tank’ and Pieter has played a large part in this. He has been with us since the beginning and through thick and thin played a huge role. His fantastic photography has been a huge asset to WildEarth and also his ability to immerse a global audience in an African adventure.
At the end of 2008 Lieschen started to work for WildEarth and although many of the earlier problems had been ironed out, she still has her work cut out solving issues. She took to bush life like a fish to water and has since been a sturdy team player in our mission to bring LIVE wildlife to the world.
These two will be sorely missed by many people. The crew and management here at WildEarth wish them the best of luck with their future endeavour’s and hope that they will always remain part of the WE extended family. WE hope you make very happy families together and remember that you will forever be a part of WE.
Below are some of the video highlights that Pieter chose for the Fire Side Chat last night. Well done to all of our creative viewers for making these and a big thank you for the great entertainment.
Wildearth Video by Valorie (May 8th 2008)
Wildearth Viewers by Valorie (November 22nd 2009)
A Millipede Goes to the Moon by Claire M (December 1st 2009)
Weekly Highlight at Wildearth by Sagresta (June 8th 2008)