Finally, the bell has rung. We are free at last! And what better way to spend your holiday than being immersed in nature? WildEarth is dedicating the first five days of August to all the kids: our budding safari guides, young animal lovers, and future conservationists. 

All live programming from 6:30 AM till 6:30 PM will be geared towards the wild kids. We will be taking questions and comments exclusively from the youngsters. (And it won’t hurt that they will be healthily occupied so that our WildEarth parents can still get some work done without the added stress of keeping them entertained!)

We will also be making special shout-outs on air. Submit your children’s names and for the first hour of every PM safari, our guides will make personal shout-outs to them. There will also be exciting competitions on the go with t-shirts to be won.

And what’s more, we want to get the kids involved beyond just watching us LIVE. Nature is all around us, breathing and growing from the towering trees you can see to the tiniest and most delicate insects. We want to experience all of the wonder and magic of the outdoors through the eyes of the kids!


If you are a WildEarth kid that feels inspired by the show, film yourself exploring nature and guiding us around. Whether you film out in the open, in a nearby park, or even in your backyard, we want to see it. Send your videos to WildEarth and we will broadcast them just like our shows. You can take your first steps to become the next Steve Irwin, David Attenborough, or Bear Grylls featuring on the very screen you watch! 

So get stuck in with WildEarth’s School’s Out!

Parents can find out more on