Finally, after months of work, we are launching the new streaming app!!! 

You can already head on over to There you will be able to watch the channel and safariLIVE catch-ups – with advertising – if you are a registered WildEarth user. If you are a WildEarth Explorer you can watch a lot more and all of it is completely free of ads and promos: The LIVE channel, the new Special Access channel featuring behind-the-scenes content, and the on-demand videos, including catch-ups, highlights, past sightings and so much more.

Over the coming days and weeks, the WildEarth streaming apps on the Apple App Store [mobile and TV], the Google Play Store [mobile and TV], Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, Samsung, LG, and elsewhere will be upgraded from version 1.0 to 2.0. We will let you know when this happens right here, so you can make sure your app is upgraded and you get access to all the new content on your favourite device.

If you already are a registered user or Explorer, you can use your existing login on all apps to get your access. If you are not yet, you can sign up on any app or our website (click here to do so), and this login and account will also work on all devices. If you have not visited our new site in the past month or so, please go to the site first to update your password ( before logging into one of the apps.

We will be adding many more benefits over time but at the launch of the new version of the app you will already get have access to the following:

Registered users will be able to watch the LIVE WildEarth channel and safariLIVE catch-ups with advertising.

Impala Explorers will be able to watch the WildEarth channel and safariLIVE catch-ups without advertising. They will also be able to watch the new Special Access channel which includes the Fireside Chats, Ask Me Anythings, Townhalls, and Hangouts as well as rehearsals from new locations and behind-the-scenes clips giving you an opportunity to see first-hand the WildEarth Crew in real-life going about their day-to-day activities. Impala Explorers are also automatically entered into our monthly draws for amazing prizes that include safaris at the locations from which WildEarth broadcasts, and – of course – will continue to receive the weekly newsletter.

Kudu Explorers get everything that Impalas get but also have access to the Djuma, Mashatu, and Okaukuejo cam channels with no advertising or narration. (We will soon also be adding zoomie control to the Mashatu and Okaukuejo cameras, outside of the Safari and Escape to Nature hours. We will communicate separately about this in the coming week.)

Leopard Explorers get everything that Impalas and Kudus get but are also entered into the new weekly prize draws that will include great giveaways such as private virtual safaris and more travel prizes, as well as special merchandise and other exciting stuff. You can only subscribe as a Leopard Explorer on, but like all other Explorers you can still watch on any and all of the WildEarth streaming apps on any device you like.

Lion, Rhino, and Elephant Explorers get everything the Leopards get, but in addition, know that their extra contribution will help WildEarth keep our LIVE Channel available for free for those who are unable to become Explorers. 

We will let you know each time an app store makes the new app version available. In the meantime, we hope you’ll check out and enjoy

WildEarth really needs your support so that we can keep on investing in the channel, new equipment, new vehicles, new locations, two roaming teams, more behind-the-scenes, more highlights, and therefore a better experience for our viewers. Please do subscribe to WildEarth and become an Explorer – not only for the reasons listed above but also to support us in improving the experience for ALL our viewers, even those that can not afford to subscribe. We cannot broadcast and create new experiences and improve the app without the support of our loyal viewer community.  We and rely on this support to keep on improving and bringing our WildEarth into your lives.