Updates from the bush.

There is an awful lot going on at the moment. WildEarth.TV is now being distributed by Momedia, and hopefully they will secure us the all important distribution onto TV platforms in Europe. If everything goes according to plan, our European viewers will be watching us on their TV sets as well as on the Internet ... soon. [...]

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More WEangels … and a look behind the scenes.

Well all of us at WildEarth continue to be totally bowled over by the generosity of our viewers. All of you are WEangels and very much a part of our family. The project to take the kids of Dixie to the movies has now received $1600.00 in donations. Thank you to our new angels for [...]

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WEangels came in the night.

While the WildEarth crew slept, angels came in the night, and donated money to our cause!! WE now have $955.00 towards the trip to the movies because of the following WEangels: Stacy Manfredi, Peter Braat, Cathy M Glenney-Munro, Beverly Bailey, Michael Moss, Carol Roll, Barbara Ellington, Patricia Mulligan, Andrew Hudson, Sharon Mcdorman, Mike Merritt, Mary Schooley, Kathleen Lambert, Vicki Kiskamp and Jean-Pierre LEVY.WE need about $1300.00 to take [...]

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Help us send the kids of Dixie to the movies.

You all know how Rexon loves to help the kids of his village, well he has decided to take them all to the movies. And he needs our help.You see many of these kids have never even been out of the area immediately around the village. They have never seen a double storey building, a paved [...]

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It only takes one little cable!!

 During the afternoon drive today WE noticed some unusual analog interference on the video. So the team in Final Control began to search out what was causing this interference. In the process they moved a cabinet and this caused the splices on the main fiber optic cable to snap. It took us a good while [...]

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WE-BiTS 15th September 2008

This look behind the scenes at WildEarth is all about Kerri Mello's visit to Vuyatela. Kerri traveled all the way from Boston Massachusetts into deepest darkest Africa, and on her adventure she popped in for a brief stay at Djuma. Not only did she get to meet Karula and some of our other furry friends [...]

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WE videos

Well this week saw the launch of three new shows for WildEarth and all seem to have worked out well so far. The first was on Monday and called WElearn with our resident 'Bird Man' Pete Braat. It was incredibly informative and a wonderfully educational addition to WildEarth. On Tuesday we launched WEchat and although [...]

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