The Cat Report 17 – 24 February 2017

The Cat Report 17 - 24 February 2017 Friday the 17th of February The week is off to a great start with the continued presence of the Nkuhuma pride on Djuma. Three of the stunning lionesses and all six of their quickly growing cubs were still milling about near their waterbuck carcass. All nine of [...]

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safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Brendan Blanchard

Artist and bible study teacher, Brendan Blanchard recently joined the ranks of WE's safarians.  "I discovered SafariLive on YouTube quite by accident. It appeared in suggestions based on my viewing preferences as I had been looking at some live wildlife cameras in various locations. I couldn’t resist having a look at it. Since then I [...]

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The Cat Report 10 – 17 February

Thandi Resting. Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown safariLIVE, Djuma Friday the 10th of February Jamie spent her Friday afternoon with two special felines. We started off with Thandi lying comfortably in a tree and then travelled to Cheetah Plains, where little Vutomi was having a lot of fun by Buffalo pan. Vutomi surprised us all by [...]

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Wild Weather Headed For The Sabi Sands

If weather predictions are anything to go by, WE are in for a very wet week. A huge tropical storm system has been building over the Mozambique channel and has just been classified as tropical cyclone "05S Dineo". It is expected to make landfall over Mozambique before continuing on to the north-eastern part of South [...]

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The Cat Report: 3rd February – 10th February

Friday, 03 February This week's cat report started out with excitement as Brent relocated the Investec Pack of Wild Dogs. But the afternoon quickly turned tragic when out of the bushes burst a Styx lioness. She sent the pack scrambling but not before she'd snagged one of the juveniles and all too quickly it’s life [...]

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The Cat Report: 27 January – 03 February

Saturday, 28 January Princess Xongile kicked off Caturday in a less than royal way - she had found her way to Hosana’s week-old monitor lizard kill and set about playing with it. It amused her for a while, but not long enough to keep her from a day of cat napping. [Screenshot: @Lily Brown] Sunday, 29 [...]

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Happy First Birthday, Hosana and Xongile!

Queen Karula has raised two feisty cubs. Xongile, female and Hosana, male, are rambunctious, healthy and a testament to their mother's skills as a protector and provider. To celebrate their special day, WE co-founder Graham Wallington has created this beautiful line drawing (above) of them and mom, which will be featured on a new run [...]

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