Dear WildEarth community,

I wanted to publicly thank the “Christmas Crew” [Steve, Lauren, Dawie, Lou, Marcel, BK, Karen and Valorie] for working so hard to keep our broadcasts going while all the rest of us got to rest and recover. Your service and sacrifice are greatly appreciated by all of us and I know I speak for all of WE as well when I say this. 

Of course, it is only because of the incredible generosity shown during our hour of need recently that has made it possible for us to have stayed on air and keep broadcasting two safaris per day. So, again, I would like to thank all of those who financially contributed to WE. Thank you, on behalf of all of us and all the viewers that rely on these broadcasts.

Beyond the financial support, the past weeks have shown us just how much what WE do means to so many people around the world. How important nature is in all our lives and how WE have the ability to bring that nature into the lives of people who otherwise find it very difficult to connect with wildlife. You have not only given us the means to carry on with our mission, but you have also shown us why our mission is so important and valid. 

Money is important because WE cannot do what we do without money to pay for traversing, crew fees, accommodation, food, fuel, maintenance and myriad other bills. But WildEarth is not a company focused on making money above all else. WildEarth is a purpose-driven organisation focused on animals and people and specifically on the connection between animals and people. You have helped us all remember that having a “good” purpose is all that counts. That all problems [including money] can be resolved when good people get together to do something for others. Especially when those “others” are animals and humans that cannot “do” for themselves. 

In spite of it being the holiday season around the world, there is a lot happening behind the scenes at WildEarth with several very encouraging developments that we hope to announce soon. With a little luck, WE will be adding several new and old exciting locations to our broadcasts as we hopefully get back on to a more even keel in the new year. I fully expect that 2020 will be the most exciting year for WildEarth so far. 

Not all of you agree with the changes that WE have had to implement and no doubt some of the coming new additions will not be to everyone’s taste. We fully understand and empathise with you all, even if we do not agree with you all on everything. I guess that is what happens in all families and it’s ok to disagree. However, it’s important that you all know that WE will always remain focused on sharing nature as it is with everyone in the most authentic, credible and ethical way possible. 

Furthermore, WE will always broadcast from Djuma as this is our home. It’s important that WE expands beyond Djuma in order to build an economically sustainable offering to our broadcast clients [that pay for us to be able to do what we do], but WE will never lose our soul that started and lives at Djuma.

On behalf of all of us at WildEarth and all viewers, I would also like to again thank Jurie and Pippa Moolman and the entire team at Djuma, Vuyatela, Galago and Tumbeta for allowing us to share their amazing home and all its creatures with the world. On the 17th August 2020, I will have been broadcasting LIVE from Djuma Game Reserve for 22 years.

WE would also like to wish all our viewers, club members, backers, crew, volunteers, shareholders, directors, suppliers, partners and friends [and all their families] a safe, happy and productive 2020. Together WE can and will make this world a better place. 


With love,

Graham Wallington