Karula’s family are all well.

Yesterday morning Pieter found Karula and both of her cubs just outside room 4 at Vuyatela lodge. She apparently had a kill in a large Jackalberry tree, which was stolen by a lioness that climbed into the tree before the WE camera vehicle arrived.WE now believe that she has one male and one female cub. [...]

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A big welcome to Rob the new WE cameraman.

Born and bred in Cape Town, this surfer boy loves nothing more than weilding a camera and riding the waves. He was an outdoorsy child, playing any sport he could. His magic footie skills will keep the rest of the team on their toes......literally. Nowdays, he prefers to spend his time surfing and of course [...]

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No cubs yet! Helen and Nick are leaving WE!

Nobody has seen Karula's cubs since Tyson stole her duiker kill. This morning Nick found the tracks of a single leopard cub not far from our camp. Although WE have no actual information everyone in camp is very positive that they will be seen soon. There is a great deal of leopard activity at Djuma [...]

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WE are back on the road again!!

... after a very difficult few days, WE, or at least Jan, managed to finally get the starter motor installed in the game drive vehicle. It was a real challenge that took him hours and hours. Poor Jan worked until 3:30 in the morning and then started again early this morning. In any event its [...]

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WE have found a new starter motor.

... after phoning all around the Lowveld WE finally sourced a new starter motor this morning in Nelspruit. Pieter and Hayley are currently making the 3 hour journey there to collect the motor and will then drive back to Djuma. WE really appreciate them doing this even though they are actually on holiday.When they get [...]

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Game drive vehicle trouble!!

On yesterdays drive while we were off road a very large crack developed in the starter motor. As a result the gears and bushes in the motor were severely damaged. Jan is attempting to repair the starter by temporarily welding it back together again, but WE don't think this will work. Because it is Sunday [...]

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