The male leopard Hosana stares intently ahead!

(Image Credit: Payton Payne)


22 July

Lying in the thicket next to twin dams. Stretching before getting up and starting to move then lying down again. He started walking and watching impala using the car to hide from them  then he moved off toward the dam wall and stopping for a drink along the way. Going into stalk mode crawling close to the ground. Then straightening up and crossing south giving up the hunt.


24 July 

Standing in long grass, looking for food. Looking so beautiful and camouflaged in the dry winter tones of the bush.


Young Thamba holds on to his lunch while gazing about the wilderness!

(Image Credit:MA)


25 July 

Thamba was seen in the thick bush from a distance appearing to stalk small prey. He later settled in the grass still looking like his alert self.


26 July 

WE caught a glimpse of Thamba on the edge of a drainage line. He jumped into a small tree giving us a clear view of him before disappearing into the drainage line.


27 July 

Thamba brightened up the overcast morning when WE found him in the branches of a large tree tearing away at his breakfast. WE spent most of the morning watching him gorging himself.


Thandi female leopard look through the winter landscape of the lowveld.

(Image Credit: Thandi)


27 July 

Thandi was spotted lying under the big tree where her son was eating a duiker kill. Thamba occasionally dropped pieces of the kill while eating. Often on top of Thandi’s head.



Ther former leopard king of Djuma.

( Image Credit:Gecko)

25 July

Mvula was found lying in the grass with his porcupine kill. He promptly proceeded to get up and feed on the kill for a while and then posed nicely for his onlookers to take photos and admire him.


One of the Birmingham male lions making his way through drying yellow grass.

(Image Credit:Karly)


23 July 

During the morning Tinyo was found lying in the grass looking majestic in the golden sunrise on Quarantine. He was joined by his brother walking up and greeting him. Tinyo was eating the remains of a kill. The brothers then moved off patrolling their territory.

During afternoon drive another Birmingham, Mfumo,  was found sitting in the afternoon light. He then got up and started walking towards Buffelshoek, sniffing the ground looking for the lionesses. He was confused not knowing where they went and then gave up returning to Djuma side.





Adorable puddle of Angama pride cubs!

(Image Credit:MA)

25 July 

The Angama cubs were found playing enthusiastically with their siblings while the lionesses dozed about uninterested  in the antics of their playful offspring.


One of the Musketeer coalition members enjoys a light breeze in his mane.One of the Musketeer coalition members enjoys a light breeze in his mane.

(Image Credit:Louise Pavid)


26 June

One of the musketeers was seen moving through the grass.


Egyptian goose lioness scan the sunrise horizon for her potential breakfast.

(Image Credit:Louise Pavid)


26 July

Three lionesses from the Egyptian goose pride were seen perched on a termite mound watching the herds of wildebeest pass with mild interest. They didn’t seem to be hungry enough to attempt a hunt.


Cheetah brothers enjoying a nap in the shade after a morning of hunting and feeding.

(Image Credit:Shmama)


26 July 

The cheetah brothers were seen dozing in the shade and later got up and started moving around, one of them stretching against a tree.




25 July 

An unidentified male coalition was found sleeping soundly in the long grass on the morning safari.




24 July

Three unidentified male Cheetah were seen sitting in the green Mara grasslands.




26 July 

WE found a lioness in the grasslands missing her tail tip. She was mobile in the thick grass when WE moved on.